How to Reference Edited Books

An edited book is a collection of articles or chapters- written by different authors- on the same theme, which have been collected together by one or more persons called “editors”.

At first sight, the role of an editor seems straightforward: take the material written by the authors and put them together in a book. Although the book is the outcome of the editor, the editing tasks are more complex that people, who are not related to the publishing world, may think. In fact, the number and nature of those tasks usually require more than one person to do the editing job. You can go for professional Book Editing services from an expert, to refine & polish your work!

In that sense, there are different taxonomies, which differ in the number and names of the types of editors needed to publish a book. Generally speaking, they are: acquisitions editor, project editor, developmental editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and production editor.

When we cite the names of the editor of a book, we refer to the project editor who is in charge of the whole editorial process –including keeping the standards of the publishing company and the communication between the members of the publishing team.

Now let us have a look at how an edited book should be cited according to different referencing styles.

Harvard style:
Editor’s Surname, INITIALS. (ed.)Year of publication.Title of book.Place of publication: Publisher

APA style:
Editor’s Surname, INITIALS. (Ed.). (Year). Title of book. City, State abbreviation or country if relevant: Publisher

MLA style:
Editor’s Surname, First name, ed. Title of Book. Location: Publisher, year. Print.

Chicago style:
Surname, First name, ed., Title of Book. Location: Publisher, year.

Oxford style:
SURNAME, FIRST NAME (ed.), Title of Book (edn., Location: Publisher, year).

Vancouver style:
Surname, INITIALS (ed.) Title of Book. Location: Publisher; year

MHRA style:
Title of Book, ed. by INITIALS Surname (Location: Publisher, year).

OSCOLA style:
First name Surname (ed.), Title of Book (Publisher year)

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